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Colin Dorrian

Excerpt from "Some Link Depression Failed Lasik," published in the Seattle Times Here

Frustration and even sorrow can follow any unsuccessful surgery, but when the procedure leaves a patient with unremitting eye pain or permanently impaired vision, the emotional toll can be particularly severe. One who could not endure it was Colin Dorrian, 28, a patent lawyer and aspiring medical student from suburban Philadelphia. He committed suicide last summer, 6 1/2 years after lasik surgery left him with lasting visual distortions. The surgery was done at a lasik center in Canada that has since closed. "If I cannot get my eyes fixed, I'm going to kill myself," he wrote in a note police found on his body. "I just cannot accept the fact that I'm supposed to live like this." In the note, Dorrian wrote that there had been other instances when he felt down. "I have other problems like most people do. But this is something else," he wrote. "As soon as my eyes went bad, I fell into a deeper depression than I had ever experienced, and I never really came out of it."

Gerry Dorrian Talks about His Son, Colin Dorrian