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Dr. Morris Waxler

According to Dr. Morris Waxler, the Lasik industry lied to the FDA about its adverse event rate in order to obtain approval. Dr. Waxler was the FDA's chief research scientist on Lasik. He coordinated with various researchers attempting to bring Lasik forward to the public. As such, he is the "ultimate insider," the single individual at FDA most responsible for the FDA's approval of LASIK.

Dr. Waxler has now petitioned the FDA to withdraw the approval of Lasik. Thus far, the FDA has ignored revelations about the industry by Dr. Waxler, and has denied his petitions, including evidence submitted by Dr. Waxler showing that the industry lied to the FDA about its adverse event rate. As claimed by Dr. Waxler, and as supported by the reasons that patients give for committing suicide, dry eyes and visual aberrations were considered to be side-effects in order to reduce the adverse event rate of Lasik to a level acceptable to the FDA. If dry eyes, visual aberrations, and chronic eye pain are not adverse events, then why are they causing patients to commit suicide?

Read more about Dr. Morris Waxler at his website, Below are video interviews with major news sources where Dr. Waxler has attempted to expose the truth about Lasik.

Morris Waxler on MSNBC

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Audio Interview with Morris Waxler

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